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AMAZE Security Training

Providing the Quality Security Guard Training

AMAZE security guard training is registered as a security training, licensing & employment agency and under private investigators under of the Private Security and Investigative Services Act, 2005. We are the leading trainers in Mississauga who provide great quality security guard training.We also offer a course in emergency first-aid CPR/AED which is a mandatory requirement to get a security guard license.

Why Choose AMAZE Security Training?

We do everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations. We are available to help you at every step of the way. Here is why you should choose Amaze:
  • Flexible Schedule:  Our courses are available online 24/7. You can study according to your schedule, at your own pace.
  • Affordable: Amaze security training offers the most affordable training entities in Ontario.
  • Great Quality Materials: We only provide top-quality material for all our courses. We meet and exceed all the ministry guidelines for all our courses.
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a female and a male security guard standing

Security Guard Training in Brampton

If you demonstrate love or passion for what you do, we'll help you to build the skills and get intangible rewards. We build a real security guard within you!
Our goal is to have a professional, sustainable, and efficient industry, one that can respond and defend regulations, and that we can all be proud of. Amaze security training gives a 40-hour course that follows with an accreditation test. This test is required to take before applying for a permit. We will additionally assist you with getting a license and finding a job as a security guard.
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