Security Training Sudbury

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Why should you become a security guard?

Security guards have great career prospects. There is a strong job market, good pay, and a lot of variety. Security guarding is more than just a job. It can be a rewarding career that makes a difference in your community.
  • Meaningful work
  • Accessible, fast training
  • Reliable employment
  • Flexible schedules

Why Choose Amaze Security Training?

Train with the best. We have the blueprint for Security guard training - we can help you make a rewarding career as a security professional.
  1. Provincially licensed and approved.
  2. 100% online and mobile-friendly
  3. Years of experience
  4. Engaging and Interactive Content
  5. Excellent customer support
  6. Expert team
  7. 99% Success rate
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Start Now To Become A Licensed Security Guard In Sudbury

As businesses realize the costs of shrinkage and the need for security for their workers and customers, this industry is on the rise. To protect goods during transit, businesses that sell across the USA border may require security officers. Every day, you will see licensed security officers in action protecting people, property, and money.

Security Guard Services

We offer professional security services for corporations and public figures. We are a recognized leader in security training in Sudbury. We offer the best quality security guard training courses and first aid CPR courses. We provide a 40-hour security guard training course, which is approved by the ministry. This will prepare you to write your security guard license. Security Guards Need First Aid Training also to the license. Our certified providers provide first aid training.

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