Security Guard Licensing

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Security Guard License

The demand is quite high for security guards and it is continuously increasing over time. A valid security guard license makes you eligible and confident for the job. Amaze Security Training provides quality training with interactive course materials for attaining the Ontario Security Training License. Who is eligible for the Security Training License?
  • A person who is 18 years old or above
  • A person who has not committed any criminal offences
  • A person who is eligible to work in Canada

Three Top Benefits Your Security License Can Provide

In the future, security will be a main pressing issue for some organizations. In this way, assuming you have been considering to be a safety officer, there has never been the best chance to seek after your security license.
  • Opportunities for Career Growth
  • Stable Employment Even in Uncertain Times
  • Job Satisfaction Protecting Life and Property
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How To Apply For Security Guard License Online?

Step 1 - Go To Service Ontario Website

Go To This Website

Services Ontario – Apply License

Step 2 - Access Service Ontario Account

Under Popular Links, Click ‘Access Your ServiceOntarion account (formally ONe-Source for Business)’

Step 3 - Sign Up

Click on ‘Sign up now

Step 4 - Add a Service

Click on ‘Add a service

Step 5 - Add Private Security & Investigative Service

  1. Find ‘Private security and investigation services‘ under ‘Add a service‘ option.
  2. Click on ‘Start now

Step 6 - An Individual

Click on ‘an individual

Step 7 - Get Security License

  1. Scroll down to ‘Get a security guard license‘ section
  2. Click ‘apply for a new security guard licence

Step 8 - Provide Required Information

  1. At this step, you will be asked to enter your PERSONAL INFORMATION. Fill in all the information as per the requirements.
  2. Once done, you will be asked to submit documents. Following is the list of those documents:

• Passport Size Photograph
• Study permit or Work permit or PR Card
• Passport
• Guarantor Form – (Download Guarantor form)

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