Security Guard Training

seurity guard checking female

Basic Security Guard Training

Basic security training is the foundation of your career as a security guard. Once a person makes the decision to become a security guard, they will have to choose a school to be trained, certified, and eventually get their security guard license. We provide 40 hours of training where we prepare you to safeguard yourself and others.

How do we help you at your initial stage?
  1. We build security guard within you
  2. Learn all the basics of security training
  3. Explore different fields in the industry
  4. Choose what is your best fit

Master Security Guard Skills with AMAZE

Once you have discovered your interest we help you prepare and get certified. We will teach you everything that you need to pass the test and apply for the license. We provide interactive course material that is easy to understand.

We provide vital safety skills to master the security profile. You will learn about:

  • Patroling Techniques
  • Suspect Detention
  • Evidence Care and Control
  • Emergency First Aid/CPR
  • Professional Skills Development
  • Court Trials and Jury System
  • Drugs and Alcohol
Master Security Guard hanging his equipments at the back
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