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How to apply for Security Guard License?

There are three steps to get your security guard license in Woodstock.


Apply for License Online

You can complete your security guard training Woodstock online or in class. The security training provider should be approved by the ministry. The Ministry has approved us to provide online security-guard training in Woodstock. Upon registration, you will get access to the online portal for the course. Emergency First Aid only is required. After you have completed your security guard training course and passed the First Aid exam, you will be issued a Training Completion Number. We offer weekly classes to suit your busy schedule. 


Book Test

Once the training is complete, you will receive the TCN (Training Completion Number) from our Woodstock Security training center. With TCN, you can book your test online. There are 60 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). The test takes 75 minutes. You must score at least 62% to pass the exam. You can take the test as many times as required.

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Apply for License Online

After passing your test, you can apply for your security-guard license through Service Ontario. Online applications are the best way to get a quick response. A criminal check is required to apply for the license. You must not have been convicted of any crime to get your security guard license in Woodstock.
To obtain your security guard license training, you can begin our online security training or security guard licensing in Woodstock. If you have further questions about our security guard training or the licensing process, email us at

Benefits of Security Guard License in Woodstock

There are many reasons you should have your security guard license in Woodstock. Some of them are listed below:
  1. Many Job Possibilities: There are many jobs available for security guards and different personalities. There is traffic control, foot patrol, mobile patrol, escort, concierge, contractor, and private investigator to name just a few.
  2. Flexible Schedule: Security guard work is often done in shifts, so you don’t have to be a regular 9-to-5 employee. You can choose to work shifts that suit your schedule, whether you like working early in the morning, in the evenings, on weekends, part-time, or full-time. There is also overtime available.
  3. New Opportunities: It is important to remember that security guards work with people from all walks of, including business owners and emergency personnel. In your role, you will work with other people to protect their clients’ property and people. A security guard license allows you to work with a company that offers a variety of exciting jobs.
  4. Increased Demand: Since COVID-19 has changed the world, security guarding is an increasingly popular industry. There are many new jobs available for security guards.
  5. Growth Opportunity: Security guard licensing offers flexibility, variety, excitement, job growth, and potential for career advancement. However, it is also very rewarding. You are solving problems and helping others day in and day out.
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