Security Training Brantford

Security Training Brantford

Are you looking to change your career? You can start a new career as a licensed professional. This license allows you to take Security Guard Training Courses as well as other important SIA Training courses in Brantford.
Candidates have the option of choosing from many security training course dates in Brantford. After you have completed your Security Guard Training in Brantford, you can apply to get a Security Guard Licence. To be eligible for a Security Guard Licence, you must complete the mandatory training. This license will enable you to search for lucrative, well-paid jobs in this growing industry.

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Basic Security Guard Training

The 40-hour in-class or online security training program was designed to accommodate all learning styles. If you are looking for a structured and interactive learning experience, in-class will be the best option. However, the online Basic Security Training Course is self-paced. It consists of 12 modules and each module is required to complete. The security training course is approx. 32.5 hours long.

First Aid in an Emergency

The Emergency First Aid and CPR level course is mandatory to get a security license in Brantford. It combines both in-person and online learning. Contact us for more details about the classes and schedule.

What are the requirements to work as a security guard in Brantford?

It takes time to become a professional and get a security license. Before you can register for the security training program, there are some eligibility requirements that you must meet.
  1. You must be at least 18 years old and have legal proof.
  2. According to the law, you must be eligible to serve professionally in Canada.
  3. A legal document must be produced under your name proving that you have no criminal records.

These are the requirements to appear in the exam held by the ministry. You can get the Security License Brantford if you pass the final exam. With Amaze Security Training and guidance, you can pass the exam quickly.

The ministry will issue you a license after you pass the exam. This license is valid for a certain period. You can then apply for many jobs in the security or law enforcement sector of Ontario with that license.
We provide vital safety skills to master the security profile. You will learn about:

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